Filial Piety

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Filial Piety
Filial Piety

Our duty is explained beautifully through the above drawing. A child's responsibility towards his aging parent. Son cradles his mum with lots of compassion as he recalls all her sacrifices and hardships as she brought him up. In Hinduism, it is an obligatory religious duty of the children to look after their aged parents and provide them with decent means of living. It is written in Manusmriti about how one should value his mother and father,

The teacher (acarya) is ten times more venerable than a sub-teacher (upadhyaya), the father a hundred times more than the teacher, but the mother a thousand times more than the father..

Manusmriti (2.145)

And we find the similar message in the Taittiriya Upanishad,

Matru devo bhava (revere your mother as God)
Pitru devo bhava (revere your father as God)

Our Puranas like Shivapurana also talks about our Hindu Dharma, the way of living and how we ought to honor our parents. Since Hinduism prescribes a way of life, Dharma, one need to have knowledge of our sacred texts. In order to free our life from negative karma, it is essential to have knowledge of practices of Hinduism according to the scriptures. And to know the difference between superstitions and scriptural wisdom.

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