Relationships: Does Spirituality have a place?

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Three tips for Understanding Relationships.
Three tips for Understanding Relationships.

Interesting points for reflections were shared during the talk on Monday (7 Apr 13) on relationships and how to tune in spiritually. The five realities we relate with are: The Cosmic Reality (Deva), People(Manushya), Ancestors(Pitr), Environment(Bhuta), Teacher/Teaching (Brahma/rshi). If one can harmonise these relationships, one can be aligned to the order of the universe (Sanatana Dharma). For example, one of the key areas where we often see conflicts is the area of people. Hence, we can focus on understanding our relationships with people instead of taking them to be granted. How?

Three tips for Understanding Relationships

1. Listen

Ask questions to clarify or understand and show empathy. This would mean that I have to withhold judgement and focus on understanding the other person.

2. Reflect

Whenever I hear a message, I need to reflect on what and why it is being said. Reflect on the 'I'.

3. Adapt

Having reflected, adapt where necessary.

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