Repeal of 377A – Conversations Needed

Repeal of 377A – Conversations Needed
Repeal of 377A – Conversations Needed

The issue about the repeal of 377a * is more complex than it appears. There are religious, cultural, social and a host of other dimensions to it which makes it complicated. From the Hindu perspective, the validity of 377a should be re-considered and re-evaluated with the intention of making Singapore a happy and safe place to live for all.

Hindu scriptures have discussed the existence of a third gender (trtīya prakrti) alongside the genders of male and female. The third gender includes LGBTQ and has as many as 20 variations. The recognition of all the three genders have been found in Hindu medical texts, texts of jurisprudence and soteriological texts. This informs Hindus to not measure human dignity and worth by sexual orientation, fertility or the features of our body and instead to respect all beings. Hence Hinduism promotes a happy and cohesive society where no one feels harmed and instead our differences are respected.

The second aspect of the issue is the social dimension in a country like Singapore, especially that our national pledge bodes us to unite without differences based on justice and equality.

The repeal of 377a is not as easy as it seems as change in culture is perhaps the most difficult thing given that we have people of different faiths and beliefs. Individuals or groups who oppose the repeal of 377a should also not be seen as fundamentalists or regressive. The Hindu Hub encourages an active social discussion over an extended period of time towards the direction of repealing the 377a, instead of reacting to geo-political events related to 377a.** This will allow us, as a nation, to prepare for change as well as anticipate and plan for the consequences of this change if it happens. Conversations are what is needed most, instead of quick decisions.

*Section 377A of the Penal Code of Singapore is a legislation which criminalises sex between mutually consenting adult men.

**India’s Supreme Court recently revoked the 377A

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