Sellam is a volunteer Hinduism teacher who aspires to share the valuable knowledge of Hinduism to interested people, in a way that is beneficial to them. She has served in various capacities such as a committee member, a religious counsellor, a leader of a children's Hinduism programme and also as a trainer for children teaching. She is a Yoga enthusiast who believes in expanding the knowledge of Yoga Therapy and combining Ayurveda into one's lifestyle for healthy living. She aims to bring Yoga into the field of special needs. She embraces diversity and promotes an inclusive Hindu culture.

Thursday, 05 September 2013 20:58

Are you Religious or Spiritual?

A wise man should constantly observe the universal values (yama), but not always the religious practices (niyama); for he who does not discharge the former, while he obeys the latter alone, becomes an outcast.

Manu Smrti
Sunday, 02 June 2013 21:02

Mantra Japa: Do's and Don'ts

Japa Mala should not be exchanged with another person.

Japa Mala is a very personal spiritual instrument and hence should be treated with care and respect. Japa Mala should not be exchanged with another person, not placed on the ground or thrown around. It can be worn on your neck or kept safe in a special type of bag. This bag protects the mala and used properly ensures your index finger does not touch the beads while chanting. The index finger represents your ego and a mind looking outside for faults blame. A conscious effort not to touch the Japa Mala with your index finger, reminds you, the practitioner, to be mindful of your own ego that might come in the way of spiritual progress.