Sunita is one of the Directors of The Hindu Hub. She is also a passionate Hinduism teacher who aspires to share the dimension of Hinduism that's relevant to people's daily challenges. She has a keen interest in fusing modern psychology and psychotherapy into the teachings of Hinduism. She has served in various capacities such as a management committee member, a religious counsellor, religious teacher and also headed the aftercare section of the counselling arm amongst others. She has also trained Hindu Religious Counsellors steeped in the philosophy of Hinduism and counselling and skilled in the modern techniques of rehabilitation and therapy.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015 09:21

The Birth of The Hindu Hub

we have rebranded Science of Living as The Hindu Hub

We are grateful for your support during the last two years, in growing Science of Living as an organization, where we learn together, connect, share and celebrate as a community with strong foundations in Dharma, Seva and Knowledge. We have been running regular classes, doing service activities, documenting our learning and finding ways to refine all our lives. Thank you for being part of this beautiful movement. With the combined strength, energy and passion, it seems right for us to take the next step. We believe that we can do more, in the fields of learning and service if we focus more on building our community and creating a welcoming platform for every one regardless of race, religion or ethnicity. With this in mind, we have rebranded Science of Living as "The Hindu Hub". The new website will be launched on the 14 Apr 2015.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013 15:49

Relationships: Does Spirituality have a place?

Three tips for Understanding Relationships.

Reflections on relationships and how to tune in spiritually. The five realities we relate with are: The Cosmic Reality (Deva), People(Manushya), Ancestors(Pitr), Environment(Bhuta), Teacher/Teaching (Brahma/rshi). If one can harmonise these relationships, one can be aligned to the order of the universe (Sanatana Dharma).