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Shastra - a means of knowledge

Scriptures are often taken to be words of men and hence unimportant. Yet Hinduism is known to be a Scriptural tradition with a large body of scriptural literature. Then what is the real value of scriptures for the modern man? This article explains the epistemological value of scriptures in just two pages.

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Mind According to Vedic Tradition

The Mind is both an enemy and a friend depending on the nature of the mind. It is essential that we understand the nature of the mind such that we use it wisely and nurture it intelligently. This is the key to making your mind your best friend.

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Nine Forms of Devotion

The Bhagavata Purana states that there are nine ways to tap onto the grace of God. Everyone one of us could use one or more of it to strengthen our relationship with God. The article also presents exemplary characters who have role modelled the forms of Devotion (Bhakti).

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Vedic Yoga - An Ancient Pedagogy

Yoga is often taken to be a secular practice. However, Yoga in Hinduism is both a spiritual practice and an attitude that forms part of a spiritual roadmap. This article talks about why Yoga is indeed a Hindu practice rooted in the Vedic way of life.

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Prayers for learning

Here, you can find the opening and closing prayers chanted during the Hinduism classes conducted by the Hindu Hub.

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Leadership in Life: Applications from Sanatana Dharma

Leadership is not for a chosen few but for all Hindus. Each of us is a leader of our own lives. Discover ways that you can become a self-directed leader in your own life.

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Seven Types of Gurus (from Skanda Purana)

The Skanda Purana reveals that Gurus within the Hindu tradition are of seven types. This is an interesting list that covers all the different functions Gurus play and the subject they teach.

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Fire-Walking Festival

Here is background of the Fire walking festival and how we can observe it in a meaningful manner.

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Dealing With Anger

Anger has plagued me for as long as I can remember. Anger has caused me the following: - fractured or ruined relationships, trouble at school, and even stalled career progression. I didn’t really know then why or what made me angry. It was only much later about ten years ago, when I attended a spiritual talk on Anger management by a Hindu teacher, that I started getting clues. This helped me change the way I looked at anger; in fact it was a revelation for me. Here are some of the things that stuck with me from that talk, and also some personal observations of mine. Hopefully my sharing would be of some use for you.

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