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The Hindu Hub

The Hindu Hub is a non-profit spiritual organization committed to develop a prosperous and knowledgeable Hindu Community in Singapore and around the world. The organisation's principles are guided by the philosophy of the Vedas and its allied scriptures. We endeavour to make a difference to the world through community education in Hinduism, social service projects, academic pursuits in Hinduism and building Hindu business support networks. Our dream is a thriving, generous and confident Hindu community whose members are well grounded in Vedic wisdom and spiritual practices, committed to a life of Dharma and dedicated to success in one's life and others.

The Hindu Hub as the name implies, is designed to be the central pivot for all Hindu Organizations and people to come together irrespective of their dominant faith, religious allegiance, Guru, ethnicity, race or life philosophy. We advocate a Pluralistic Hindu Society where all Sampradayas (Philosophies) and Mathas (Sectarian Traditions) thrive without competition. We aspire to create a platform that will unite the aspirants of Hinduism in a pursuit of exploration, seeking, knowing, sharing, learning and working towards their respective life goals, whether it is health, wealth or liberation.

Community Education at no cost

The Hindu Hub pioneers the usage of the Pancakosha Model of the Veda as its foundational pedagogy. One of the cardinal principles of the organisation is to keep the learning opportunities free of charge except when it is inevitable. The Vedic tradition survived for thousands of years without depending on a monetary exchange between teacher and student for propagating its knowledge. The Hindu Hub aims to follow the footsteps of Rishis of the Vedic tradition with complete faith. With this in mind The Hindu Hub conducts community learning sessions at regular intervals on a wide variety of topics, chosen with inputs from the community.

The Hindu Hub sustains its activities by donations from well wishers. These funds are utilised to finance all our activities.

The Directors

The directors of the organisation are Jayan and Kathir.

Why learn with The Hindu Hub?

The Veda says "krṇvanto viśvam āryam", which means "May you share auspiciousness to all". As such, The Hindu Hub aspires to share this Vedic wisdom to all regardless of gender, age, creed or ethnicity.

The Hindu Hub also aims to address the practical challenges of daily life by focusing on the application of the ancient wisdom. We strive to respond to the following challenges : Why do I care for the Vedic wisdom and how can I use it in my life and work? How could I make sense of the scriptures? How can I accelerate my success and happiness?

The Hindu Hub focuses on the teaching rather than a teacher or a Guru. This makes it easy for the learners to objectively challenge the concepts and practices, as a process to accelerate assimilation and application. The Hindu Hub also cultivates a modern outlook to living, accepting that changes cannot be rolled back and through conviction that Vedic wisdom can be applied to any changing situations. Moreover, the Yoga teachings of The Hindu Hub which is called 'Vedic Yoga' is derived from the Vedas and other Yoga texts.

Learning with The Hindu Hub is an opportunity to re-connect with the ancient roots of Vedic wisdom with authenticity as opposed to speculation.

What is The Hindu Hub's vision?

The Vedic scriptures reveal the ideal mode of holistic living. It identifies the 5 relationships that a human being has to nurture so as to live a holistic life. The 5 relationships are with:

Cosmic Reality/God
Spiritual Knowledge

Our vision is to enable you to become a holistic individual through knowledge and practice. It helps the individual clearly uncover the purpose and goals in one's life, prioritize them and pursue them with added clarity and passion. The knowledge also enables one to make challenging decisions and cope with the challenges one might face every moment in life whether it be at work or in relationships. As the individual understands the bigger picture and connect the dots, living becomes natural and easy, rather than a burden – having got a glimpse into the 'science of living!'. Spiritual practices aligned to one's goals carried out with the right attitude prepares the individual for success here and now.

In addition to individual growth and success, we also envision a society that is rooted in values based on Dharma and practices that lead to harmony and collective success. We believe that such a society has its beginnings in individuals, families, institutions and workplaces. A society that practices care towards the environment and all living beings, a society that is capable of forgiving, a society that can stand on its own feet, a society that can dare to be different for the sake a bigger purpose – that is our vision. We believe The Hindu Hub can be a catalyst in this transformation.

How does The Hindu Hub achieve its vision?

We organize various activities that enable you to become a holistic individual through knowledge and practice.


We believe in a collaborative community based self-driven multi pronged approach to achieve our vision in uncovering the science of living. We hope to create opportunities for us to learn in many ways, practice what we learned in all aspects of life, reflect on our insights, share our experience with more people and extend our activities to more people together. Below is a brief description of various activities that you might find useful to get involved in.

Group Learning Opportunities:

These are mostly classroom based sessions where one or more teachers share the knowledge and practices from the Vedic and allied scriptures. The topics are centered predominantly on contemporary issues that are relevant to our work and life. Some examples include Prayers, Rituals, Leadership, Relationships and Anger Management amongst others. We also have learning combined with practice opportunities. There are workshops with longer duration (such as 6 to 8 weeks) where there will be practice sessions incorporated into the teachings. For example, puja classes, yoga and meditation workshops.

Community Learning Opportunities:

We also be offer short talks and workshops at temples, interfaith dialogue sessions or other institutions/group gatherings.

Learn at your own pace: We have youtube videos of all of the chants that we have taught in classes. This was done with the aim to help you revise at your own pace. We also plan to create an electronic learning platform, enabled on our web site which will provide access to audios, videos, reading materials and live virtual learning sessions in the future.

Networking/Satsanga Opportunities:

We organise bi-yearly (or more) networking sessions to connect with like minded people and learn from their experience. Practice and Reflection Opportunities: Application being the key to learning success, we gather interested participants to reflect on their learning, ask questions to tackle challenges in real life practice and reinforce the learning. These highly engaging sessions help to translate learning into real life applications.

Service Opportunities:

Service to the living and non-living entities is the core of our values system. We organize opportunities for you to serve a bigger purpose. This involves dedicating some time to serve or contributing some resources (such as your expertise or money amongst others) towards a common purpose.

How do we fund these programs?

All these learning opportunities are funded by the donations we receive and hence we are able to provide them free of cost to the participants.

Support Us

Support Us

How can you contribute to our vision? Explore with us the Science of Living, contribute to our efforts, help us spread the news and create opportunities for us to extend our services. Join us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. You can help us by providing us with your suggestions and ideas to improve and co-create a future for us by emailing us or call us at +65 9299 1851 / +65 9336 0143 .

Artha Network - Connecting Entrepreneurs & Businesses

Artha Network - Connecting Entrepreneurs & Businesses

Wealth creation and economic progress go hand in hand with spirituality in Hinduism. In fact a life of abundance in wealth and enjoyment is superior to any other pursuits from the point of societal contribution, in comparison with other life styles - as long as the pursuit is guided by Dharma. The Hindu Hub contributes to wealth creation and business success though The Artha Network.

World Institute for Hinduism

World Institute for Hinduism

The academic wing of The Hindu Hub is WISH - World Institute for Hinduism, born out of necessity to offer credible scripture based systematic learning path and credentials to aspiring students of Hinduism. World Institute for Hinduism runs certificate, diploma and degree programs in various aspects of Hinduism, trains teachers, moulds leaders, conducts research and publishes for a global audience.

Centre for Yoga and Vedanta

Centre for Yoga and Vedanta

Centre for Yoga and Vedanta CYV is a centre devoted to the needs of those who have clearly identified Moksha as their life goal. It is primarily focused on the assimilation of Self-Knowledge (atmajnana) and other allied contemplative practices taught in the Vedas and Upanishads.