Artha Network - Connecting Entrepreneurs & Businesses

Artha Network - Connecting Entrepreneurs & Businesses

Sukhasya Mulam Dharmah, Dharmasya Mulam Arthah - The root of Happiness is Dharma. The root of Dharma is Economic Security" – Chanakya

Wealth creation and economic progress go hand in hand with spirituality in Hinduism. In fact a life of abundance in wealth and enjoyment is superior to any other pursuits from the point of societal contribution, in comparison with other life styles - as long as the pursuit is guided by Dharma. The Hindu Hub contributes to wealth creation and business success though The Artha Network.

Hindu Entrepreneurs in Singapore

Hinduism has a vast body of literature on business ethics, leadership, economic prosperity and service excellence. This knowledge could potentially help entrepreneurs and professionals to enhance their business and create value through Dharma.

In order to accelerate the growth of Businesses in the region/Singapore, the Artha Network was formed, where entrepreneurs, successful business owners, self employed individuals, future business owners and business professionals connect, learn, support one another and build success together!

At present, the Artha Network is a growing initiative to connect Hindu entrepreneurs, busineses and professionals. As a humble step forward, the Artha Network organises networking and socialising events every quarter. Please see our event page for more details.


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