Support Us

Support Us

How can you contribute to our vision? Explore with us the Science of Living, contribute to our efforts, help us spread the news and create opportunities for us to extend our services. Join us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. You can help us by providing us with your suggestions and ideas to improve and co-create a future for us by emailing us or call us at +65 9299 1851 / +65 9336 0143 .


  • Social Media

    Connect with us on social network and share with others: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

  • Feedback

    Provide us with your suggestions and ideas to improve and co-create a future for us by contacting us or call us at +65 9299 1851/ +65 9336 0143.

  • Donating Funds

    All our classes (except WISH) are managed through monthly donations. Donate to us on a monthly basis though GIRO (Download the form below), or one time donation through Bank Account Transfer, Cash or Cheque. Please contact us for bank details.


  • Adopt a Programme

    You can adopt a particular programme (e.g. Chanting Class or Yoga Workshop) and sponsor the venue and materials. Please contact us if you desire to adopt any programmes or even suggest programmes to us.

  • Sponsoring a publication

    You can help us by sponsoring a publication. We are continuously doing research and are very open to publicising our works. Please contact us if you desire to sponsor our publications.

  • Volunteer with us

    There are numerous opportunities in The Hindu Hub for volunteers to contribute and personally experience growth. These roles include teachers, administrative assistance, editors, team leaders, marketeers, course developers, brand ambassadors, finance professionals, operations co-ordinators and any other areas you are keen to contribute. As part of our volunteer recruitment policy, we will have a casual conversation with you to understand your interests, strengths, needs and bandwidth. This will help us in exploring the right role for you at the Hindu Hub and for you to make a well informed commitment. As a volunteer, we will support you in your journey to be a positive contributor to the Hindu community. Please write to us to explore.

  • Collaboration with Us

    The Hindu Hub dreams of building a prosperous Hindu Community, organizations and businesses, who collaborate and support one another. THH will lead these efforts to synergise and create an inclusive culture of mutual support with similar organizations, temples and associations. We have already experienced great success in our collaboration with a few organisations. We encourage and welcome all Hindu organizations to reach out to us, to explore opportunities to work together. We will do the same and make an effort to create success through partnership. Please write to us if you want to explore new opportunities.

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