World Institute for Hinduism

World Institute for Hinduism

The academic wing of The Hindu Hub is WISH - World Institute for Hinduism, born out of necessity to offer credible scripture based systematic learning path and credentials to aspiring students of Hinduism. World Institute for Hinduism runs certificate, diploma and degree programs in carious aspects of hinduism, trains teachers, moulds leaders, conducts research and publishes for a global audience.

Hinduism education

World Institute for Hinduism operates under The Hindu Hub. Being an academic arm, WISH charges fees for the programs and compensates its teachers. We also partner with global evolving academic institutions doing similar work in Hinduism studies such as The Hindu University of America. The classes are conducted in an objective manner with emphasis on scriptural references, not forgetting contemporary developments. The various departments in WISH focus on specialised fields such as Philosophy, Yoga, Sanskrit, Psychology and Management.

Our dream is to grow WISH as the primary organization for academic Hinduism education globally, using multiple modalities of learning and with strong professional partnerships.

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